Is this a party? or is it a FUNeral?

A brief history of RPVF

I wish I could tell you...
It all started back in 1973. Blake and I met on the shipyards. He would bang on the pipes like he was a member of that band that was named after some bugs. He would call himself a star. I'm not sure what he meant by that. He probably thought he was John Lennon or something.
Blake would make me come with him to listen to Radiohead play. Radiohead may not have known it at the time, but they would become our inspiration. We would learn all of their songs. The ones that weren't too hard to play, at least. We would try to record our own versions of their songs. We played guitar and had some fun in the process.
Tragedy Strikes
My death was a great loss. The band's future looked bleak. Dark, ominous clouds were growing over the band's head. We almost had to cancel the first album's release. That's right. Folded Metal almost did not happen.
Luckily, I was not really dead. I had only faked my death. I wanted to see if it was possible for someone to die in the year before they were born. I found that to be true. There were dire consequences in store for me.
Crisis Averted
After I realized that I had faked my death, I decided that it was time for a change in my life. I settled down, raised a family. I had a nice, relaxing office job. A job that was more in line with my roots. I had finally found a niche. I had found a place where I felt like I belonged. Corporate America had found it's long lost son.
During this period of time, Blake was staying true to our roots. He was still listening to the radiohead music. He was perfecting his ability to play and write songs. He had learned long ago how to have fun with his life. He was partying every night of his life. There was a part of me that made me want what he had, a carefree attitude and a need to play the guitar the rest of his life. The only place I played my guitar was in the parlor of my home.
I Was a Corporate Slave
I couldn't see it at the time, but I was beginning to forget what I knew about music. I had learned to listen to pop music. I had started listening to R&B while I was work. I had no more interest in playing the guitar. I had put the guitar away in the closet for the last two years, at least.
Blake worked desperately to save me from what I had become. I had lost my will to rock. Although I did not see it at the time, I had slipped into a coma. not a physical coma, but a musical one. I looked at my life and thought that it could not possibly be any better. I was far from the truth.
The Great Reunion
Anyway... I lost touch with Blake after the 1640s. We didn't meet up again until we happened to go to the same college. Michigan Technological University became our base of operations. We learn some stuff from each other and we learn some stuff from school.
After about 7 months or so at college, Blake had a revelation. We should start a band. We started out covering other people's songs. Then we went on to bigger and better things. We now not only cover other people's songs, but we now also change the lyrics of other people's songs and claim them as our own. We usually don't change the name of the songs, at least.
The FUNeral procession begins
Our first recording studio was kind of chintzy. We had a single space microphone hanging from the ceiling. It was actually just the four of us. There are actually only two of us in the band, but there were other people in the room. Oh, wait, Eric was also here. That makes five. Man we rocked that day. Actually, we have some of our mp3s from that day on our site, here.
Here we are. Blake and I. We are now the awesome, unstoppable juggernauts that are Rocket Powered Viking FUNeral! Just remember that. We put the FUN in FUNeral, not to mention the rock in rocket, and the king in viking.
Folded Metal
We have begun the recording process once again. We are going to put out our first album, simply titled "Folded Metal." This album will take you to places you have never been before. It will take you a magical land filled with acoustic hardcore rock. We have thrown in some powerful songs, such as "Jump In And Die" and "We Fucked You." The first single from the new CD will be "Carpet Killer." This is a song inspired by the pain of love lost. You know, the kind of love that could kill a carpet if it were to go bad.
The End of a Dynasty
Congratulations to those of you who were fortunate enough to hear the awesome brevity of Rocket Powered Viking FUNeral. At least to have heard the greatness of the band during our glory days. For many varied reasons, Blake has decided to leave the band. One of which is to study music. I can't understand this. He was a part of the best band ever. Maybe we could have been better. The only regret he has is that we never finished Folded Metal. Maybe someday it will be released.
Anyhow, I've decided to take the band name and go solo. So for all of you Rocket Powered Viking FUNeral fans out there, this is not goodbye. This is more like hello. I'll be walking spanish down the hall. We are hailing a new age. The dynasty of Rocket Powered Viking FUNeral has ended, but the legacy will live on.
Rocket Powered Viking FUNeral is not dead. You can't kill Rocket Powered Viking FUNeral.