This is a dream I had... a real dream....

I'm at a pool. I'm standing on a balcony overlooking the water and I watch as the water begins to change color, from clear to a dark murky grayish color. The authorities arrive to quarantine the pool, but by that time I have taken off running. I hear behind me a woman saying, "He's a class one biohazard. He'll be a threat to every disgusting lowlife in this city."

I run through the streets hugging or touching everyone I meet. I go to a local coffee house to meet a woman I had met there only hours before. I run downstairs and greet everyone in the room in the same manner as I had greeted the people on the street. I walk through to the other exit of the coffee house, where the woman I have come to see is waiting for me at the top of a giant handicap-accessible ramp made of blue painted wood that is too steep for any wheelchair.

We go outside. I kiss her and say that this will all be over soon, that I am a biohazard and a danger. The soldiers outside who are looking for me are putting their masks back on as they see me. The draw their guns but they do not fire right away.

I call out to the woman I knew I had just kissed goodbye. I tell her I love her. When I am finished, she puts on the same mask and draws the same gun as the soldiers, but she doesn't shoot me.

I am shot by the first soldier I had noticed when I came outside. It was a woman. I was able to watch the bullet coming toward me. It was moving so slowly, but I still didn't have time to react. The bullet grazed my neck. The soldiers were all around me now.

I called out to them. I said "OK. You caught me. But I want her to kill me," pointing at the woman who had first shot me.

Moments later, I feel a bullet tear into my thigh on my right leg. I felt angry because the bullet did not come from the right shooter. I turn and berate the officer with "You were not supposed to shoot me. She was." I point back at the woman holding the gun that shot me the first time.

I turn to look at my original shooter, and she falls over dead. So I cry out another bargain to the crowd of soldiers gathered around me.

"OK," and pointing to the second soldier who shot me, I say, "You can kill me, since you were the second person to shoot me."

I quickly add a provision as I take off running. I yell out, "But it has to be a sport!" I feel a bullet come through my gut, entering the back and exiting the front. I manage to escape, but I run around all of what I find out is an island.

I am nearing death, and at this point I am ready to die, so I go back to the place I know the soldiers are. There are no soldiers. Just my dad and the woman I had heard call me a biohazard as I was leaving the pool.

I walk up to my dad, who tells me "Mom and I will tell Greg about this. He will take it hard, but in time he will get over it." Then my dad raises what he is going to use to kill me over my head. As he brings it down, I wake up.